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I am not a preteen, tween, teen, nor young adult. I know all about women that use men for financial, physical, and emotional reasons. Emotional? Yes, women can use you to feel comfort and use your feelings of love towards them to feel better about themselves.

It works like this: “Oh, woe is me, the guy I have a crush on is ignoring me…. Oh but I can text zappa2001!!! He loves me. I’ll tell him I love him too, and then proceed to talk about my crush for the next 2 hours to him, because he listens. Every. Single. Time.”

I bet you a ton of people out there have had this happen to them. It gets worse though. Have you realized when you try to talk to them about your day, or question them if they really love you, that they get defensive and act like you’re “ruining the relationship”? It’s because you are. You’re a doormat to them. Shut up and let them wipe their shoes on you, but don’t do anything else.

You realize you’re a doormat because when you text them, you wait for… Sometimes up to a week to hear back. When they text you, they might have to wait an entire hour, because you were actually busy, or trying to sleep, or at work. Their definition of “busy”? Watching their favorite reality show, by themselves.

How do we get into a position like this in the first place? Are we desperate? Do we want to believe the easily-provably-false lies?

I think most of us are trusting, bordering on gullible, especially with somebody you start to love. It makes you feel insanely good to hear compliments from an attractive person you have a crush on… “How could they be lying to me? Why am I questioning it, I just want this to continue though I realize there’s something amiss”.

Stop being a doormat. Don’t let them walk all over you. Their “love” for you is about what you do for them and not how they feel about you. They love what you get them in presents, or attention, or unwavering support even when they are wrong; they never reciprocate.

If all the men and woman that are currently a doormat for a person, stopped and looked around… Maybe we’d see each other. We’d stop trying to impress a person that doesn’t, nor will ever love us, and find each other. People that will love you back. Two people always listening to each other, and giving presents, and unwavering in their support of each other.

It’s possible, if you can admit you’re a doormat first.



Ha ha… Fun!



Ha ha… Fun!

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I smell like bacon and awesome!


i can’t wait to not get kissed on new years eve 

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have you ever been so wildly attracted to someone you can actually feel it driving you insane

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